I am a true blue Connecticut Yankee born All American man. During the course of my life, I have owned or possessed three Chevrolets, one Chrysler, a Pontiac, a Buick, a Mercury, and a jeep, along with foreign cars (Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota). No vehicle has made me feel more American than my latest purchase – a pickup truck! And no just any truck, but a Ford F-150 XLT with the upgrade V-8 Triton engine and towing package!

Every time I step up on the step and swing myself into the cab, I feel a surge of pride that my other vehicles have never given me. It is not the gun rack in the rear window because I don’t have one. It is not the American or Dixie flag that I have fluttering in the back because I have neither. It is not my National Rifle Association bumper sticker advising lily-livered americans that they’ll have to pry my rifle from my cold dead hands because I sport no bumper stickers. No, I think what it is that the Pickup Truck is the symbol of the American Can-do attitude. And Ford Motor Company, the brainchild and creation of Henry Ford, is the ultimate symbol of America. A guy with an idea to put motor cars, the means of independence, into the hands of every American. A guy who singlehandedly spun off an entire tangential economy of hotels, motels, road side restaurants, gas stations, auto dealerships, road construction, etc.

I am really looking forward to towing something – anything. So far, I’ve only transported things in the bed that could fit into a car trunk. This week I am hoping to completely fill the bed with prime dirt that I can use to top off my existing raised garden beds and fill the raised bed that we have set aside for potatoes. My wife and I also want to engage in a weekend business in which I’ll need to have a decent size trailer – the size that a car could not pull.

Maybe I’ll get that NRA bumper sticker, and maybe I’ll fly an American flag, but I’ll always feel that I-don’t-take-crap-from-anybody attitude when I climb into my Ford truck!   

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